• Cocoa production

    Cocoa production was in 2006 according Faostat of 4.06 million tons, rising steadily since 2003 after stagnating between 3 and 2.2 million tonnes from 1995 to 2002.

  • Coffee production

    Coffee culture is highly developed in many tropical countries in plantations that are grown for the export market.


Who are we ?

Cocoa Trade Ivoire is an Ivorian-owned company involved, on one hand, in coffee and cocoa exportation and, on the other hand, in importation & distribution of frozen fish.

Initially subsidiary of Novel-Group in Geneva multinational which is involved in the trade of rice, sugar, coffee and cocoa, Cocoa Trade Ivoire was born from the purchase of the local organization Novel Ivory Coast by its management (management buy-out).

The shareholding is essentially made up of Diadhiou Albert, Managing Director and majority shareholder, and various private Ivorians who believed in the project and decided to accompany him.

Novel-Group, has sold all of its shares to local management, therefore, Cocoa Trade Ivoire is no longer linked in any way to its former parent company.



  • Product quality
  • Ethics
  • Good governance
  • Compliance with commitments
  • The human-being at the heart of our concerns
  • Performance and Efficiency
  • Interest of the greatest number


Albert Diadhiou runs the company since its beginnings in November 2007. He manages the company with particular emphasis on the coffee and cocoa area.

Maïssa Salami, manages frozen fish activity. She has fifteen years of experience in the field, and respect of her peers, industry professionals. She is the prime mover of the business performance which, after 18 months has been classified 5th importer of frozen fish in Côte d’Ivoire.

The middle management includes Affi-Marie Gala, Head of cocoa-coffee shipping department, Virgil Aie, Head of Accounting Department, Koffi Bagny, frozen fish sales manager. They all have proven experience in their respective areas of competence. In addition, they are of great probity and fully dedicated to the company.

This team is complemented by young professionals and highly competent employees with high potential and have a foolproof self denial.

It is therefore a particularly young team, as evidenced by the average age of 37 years. Furthermore, it is relatively balanced, with 40% of women and 60% men.

The company works towards the implementation of an effective professional framework and friendly with online focus the promotion of the spirit of initiative and innovation so that some creativity, and even a certain passion can be expressed by the Cocoa Trade ivoire team in the performance of its tasks.

Cocoa Trade Ivoire provides ongoing training of its staff in order to provide real prospects of career. Well-trained teams are synonymous with efficient business ! The company relies on in-house expertise through various trainings and promotions to continuously develop its know-how and still meet the needs of its customers.


  • Coffe and cocoa
    • Good expertise across the industry
    • Diadhiou Albert, former President of the Association of International Traders “Groupement des Négociants Internationaux (GNI)
    • has actively participated since 2011 in the design and implementation of the reform of the sector
  • Good general knowledge of the profession
    • Cocoa Trade Ivoire is in its 8th year of operation
  • Efficient service execution
  • Frozen fish
    • Excellent knowledge of world supply
      • Maïssa Salami has woven a prominent network with the main leading product suppliers globally
    • Excellent knowledge of local market
    • Technical Control of inherent risks in the cold chain


Our company aims to be a model of good governance and corporate citizenship. Thus our first goal is to get to play a direct and active way to improve the welfare of coffee and cocoa producers organized within our partner cooperatives. Similarly, we firmly enshrined in the frozen fish supplies of exclusively top quality, to meet the demand of Ivorian consumers among the most demanding.

Our reason for being is to provide what is best for our customers in different markets on which we Operons Cocoa Trade Ivoire continuously seeks to achieve this aspiration.

In the long term, the objective of Cocoa Trade Ivoire is to be among the Ivorian models of SMEs.

Another aspiration lies in the respect of commitments in order to build a solid reputation and become credible signature. These are intangible elements that are sources of value creation.